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“A camel is a horse designed by committee”

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Onsite and technical SEO

Site and domain migration

SEO research and strategy

Penalty removal

Reputation management

SEO Strategy

Our approach to SEO strategy planning has four key components. We optimize to
near-perfection the way your SEO budget is spent by:

Setting clear objectives and ensuring the rightcommercial focus for SEO

Understanding the factors behind this

Outlining current performance on these

Developing actions to support and enhance

You will find we make every effort to ensure we understand your business objectives and how they are expressed at the brand, audience and product level. To build this understanding we work closely with your team and immerse ourselves in the detail of your strategy and marketing plans.


We’ve built our reputation - and long-term relationships with clients - on these founding principles: technical excellence, remarkable content, great user experience and intelligent backlinking.

technical excellence

Technical SEO is a foundational element to achieving better visibility in search engines. First we identify all areas where your site’s SEO can be enhanced. We then find the most effective ways to make these improvements. The end result is a substantial increase in traffic that lasts in the long term. This is traffic you never have to pay for.

remarkable content

The power of good content can’t be overstated. Whether your goal is to drive leads, create awareness or improve engagement, through us you will have content that engages your users, while sending the right signals to search engines to drive rank.

great ux

Whether it’s mobile-friendly design, emotion-based design, clear navigation or optimizing your site speed, user experiences areamong the most important search rank factors. (they also improve the chances of your new visitor becoming a client!) Through great UX, your clients will stay on your site longer, dive deeper and convert more often. In turn, Google will reward your site with higher search ranks and increased traffic.

intelligent backlinking

Our white hat backlinking techniques are the result of many years of trial and error Using our experience, we can help you avoid these errors altogether. The end result of our approach is highly effective at boosting search rank and putting your company ahead of your competitors. We optimize and cross link all of your social and blog properties, then establish up to hundreds of new social properties where your content is posted. We integrate guest blogging and SEO-focused PR campaigns to develop broad, deep and highly authoritative backlink profiles. This results in consistently high rankings on Google and Bing.

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    success story

    ExistBi is a market leader in Business Intelligence training, yet was not ranking on Google, despite two years of organic SEO efforts.

    We analyzed ExistBI’s site and content and identified over 30 areas where they could improve their SEO. We then applied the needed changes, produced new content and established a backlink content syndication network, driving thousands of backlinks to the site.

    We are now in the process of optimizing ExistBI’s user experience, messaging and calls-to-action to improve conversion.

    In the first 30 days, ExistBI saw several large jumps in their rankings, including many Page 1 keywords. In month two and three, we ranked a number of key, highly competitive terms on Page 1. With continual refines, the site is ranking more and more words on P1 and conversions have recently begun to increase.

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