As our name suggests, we are lifelong students of User Experience Planning, Engagement, Social Media Marketing, SEO and YouTube channel development and marketing.

For over 15 years, User Experience, Inc.’s founders have been helping organizations create long term value by combining digital strategy, innovative marketing, technology and creative. Whether we’re working with an agency, a Fortune 100 company or a startup, we connect our clients with their audiences in highly impactful ways. Our strategic thinking and services extend across the digital landscape: digital strategy, social marketing, web development, interactive design, apps, software engineering, commerce, SEO. Our process is organic, farsighted and collaborative.


We listen to you and ask hard questions. Then we explore strategies that will convey the essence of who you are and who you want to become. We never superimpose a prefabricated solution. At all times, we go beyond the expected to deliver that something extra, in creativity, function and service.

We partner with our clients for the long-term. We carefully consider each project’s place in an entire family of communications — and what bearing it has on your continuing objectives. Above all, we believe in collaboration. The best discoveries result from a willingness to invite an exciting collision of ideas and to build on each other’s strengths.


The experience your users have at any digital point of contact is critical and can make or break a sale, response, inquiry or impression. We create engaging experiences for consumers wherever they live in the digital world. Our marketing capabilities combine consumer insight, technology and creativity. The result? Customer experiences that are social, dynamic, and “lean forward”, compelling users to take action – driven by a team who thrives on inventing the future. At UXI, our goal is to create custom solutions which revolutionize, sales, marketing and business process.


UXI’s product development expertise helps your strategic goals come to life. We deliver technology solutions that span platforms – web, mobile and social. We can integrate or build custom platforms and applications from the ground up. We have a long track record of producing software applications, e-commerce systems, social communities, marketing content and campaigns, games, Facebook / iPhone / iPad Apps and loyalty systems. We offer a full service array of web services and are fluent in all the common (and not-so-common) technologies. All of our web projects are SEO optimized and support multiple languages.

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